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Germ Geeks offers cleaning solutions for all commercial spaces including:
Offices, Medical Facilities, Schools, Stadiums, Hotels, Day Care centers, Health Clubs, Restaurants, Groceries and more!
Commercial properties are the most heavily exposed areas to germs from everywhere! We offer a way to keep both your employees and clients safe from evil Germs. From patients to students, and commercial spaces are constantly bombarded by a range of varying germs and bacteria, and these businesses want to ensure they offer a safe environment to their employees and especially their patrons.
At Germ Geeks we provide a custom sanitization plan for businesses. Be it a one-time cleaning or a daily maintenance program, we offer a wide variety of plans to cover all possible Germ Warfare! We schedule a complimentary in-person inspection with customers to help you find the right plan.


Germ Geeks also offers every solution to maintain a clean and healthy home!
Whether customers want to be proactive and prevent possible Germ Infestations or rid the home of some existing ones, Germ Geeks has the answer. We offer services including:
Whole-Home Sanitizing, Carpet Sanitizing, Mattress Sanitizing, Furniture Sanitizing, Cleanups and more!
Germ Geeks will sanitize homes to prevent any possible viral infection and help to ensure your customer's peace of mind. From bed bugs to rat turds, viruses to bacteria, the home is unfortunately susceptible to a large array of possible Germ attacks!

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